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Emily Dickinson

Because I Could Not Stop for Death A Book The Bustle in a House Come Slowly, Eden! Death Sets a Thing Heart, We Will Forget Him! Hope is the Thing with Feathers I Felt a Funeral in My Brain I Went To Heaven My Life Closed Twice Before it Closed The Mystery of Pain A Narrow Fellow in the Grass The Only News I Know Success is Counted Sweetest Summer Shower There Is A Word This Is My Letter To The World A Thunderstorm We Like March When Roses Cease To Bloom, Dear

Robert Frost

Acquainted With the Night The Armful The Black Cottage Blue-Butterfly Day A Boundless Moment The Code The Death of the Hired Man Departmental The Door in the Dark A Dream Pang Dust of Snow Evening in a Sugar Orchard Fire and Ice Flower-Gathering Fragmentary Blue The Generations of Men Ghost House In Hardwood Groves In Neglect Into My Own The Kitchen Chimney Love and a Question Mending Wall The Mountain My Butterfly My November Guest Nothing Gold Can Stay October The Onset Out, Out -- The Oven Bird Pan with Us A Patch of Old Snow A Peck of Gold A Prayer in Spring Reluctance Revelation The Road Not Taken Sand Dunes Spring Pools Stars Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening The Thatch To E.T. The Trial by Existence The Tuft of Flowers The Vanishing Red The Vantage Point A Winter Eden The Wood-Pile

Rudyard Kipling

The Answer The Ballad Of East And West Cities And Thrones And Powers Dedication Edgehill Fight The Explanation Fuzzy-wuzzy Gunga Din The Legend Of Evil Loot The Miracles A Pilgrim's Way Solidier, Soldier The Song Of The Dead Tommy The Vampire When Earth's Last Picture Is Painted

Henry Longfellow

Afternoon in February An April Day The Arrow and the Song The Arsenal at Springfield Autumn Autumn Within The Beleaguered City The Belfry of Bruges Birds Of Passage Blind Bartimeus The Bridge Burial of the Minnisink Carillon Changed Children The Children's Hour The Courtship of Miles Standish Curfew Dante Day is Done Drinking Song Endymion Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie The Evening Star Excelsior Fata Morgana Flowers Footsteps of Angels A Gleam of Sunshine Goblet of Life God's Acre The Good Part, That Shall Not be Taken Away Hymn of the Moravian Nuns of Bethlehem at the Consecration of Pulaski's Banner Hymn to the Night It Is Not Always May L'Envoi The Ladder of St. Augustine The Light of Stars Loss And Gain Maidenhood Mezzo Cammin Midnight Mass for the Dying Year My Lost Youth Nature The Norman Baron Nuremburg The Occultation of Orion The Old Clock on the Stairs Paul Revere's Ride A Psalm of Life The Quadroon Girl Rain in Summer The Rainy Day The Reaper and the Flowers The Republic The Skeleton in Armor The Slave In the Dismal Swamp The Slave Singing at Midnight The Slave's Dream Snow-Flakes The Song of Hiawatha The Sound Of The Sea Spirit of Poetry St. John's, Cambridge Sunrise on the Hills The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls To a Child To an Old Danish Song-Book To the Driving Cloud To the River Charles To William E. Channing Village Blacksmith Voices Of the Night Walter Von Der Vogel Weid The Warning The Witnesses Woods in Winter Wreck of the Hesperus

Edgar Allan Poe

Alone Annabel Lee The Bells Bridal Ballad The City in the Sea The Coliseum A Dream A Dream Within a Dream Eldorado Evening Star Fairy-Land For Annie The Haunted Palace Hymn Lenore The Raven Romance Serenade The Sleeper Song Spirits of the Dead Tamerlane To Helen To My Mother A Valentine The Valley of Unrest

William Shakespeare

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