Jean-L�on G�r�me

(May 11, 1824 - 1904) A French painter and sculptor who produced many works in a historical, Orientalist style.

Gerome was born on May 11, 1824 in Vesoul, a town in the modern French department of Haute-Sa�ne, not far from Besan�on and the border with Switzerland. He was the first son of Pierre G�r�me, a goldsmith, and his wife Claude Fran�oise M�lanie Vuillemot, a merchant's daughter. At school in Vesoul he had much academic success from an early age, in his final year receiving first prize in chemistry, an honourable mention in physics and another prize in oil painting, having commenced painting lessons when aged 14 after five years of drawing classes. His drawing master was Claude-Basile Cariage, a strict task master in the academic methods who is thought to have once worked in the atelier of either J B Regnault or of Ingres...

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1846 - The Cock Fight 1861 - The Prisoner 1862 - Jean Bart 1864 - Prayer in the Desert
1865 - Arnaut Smoking 1867 - Carpet Merchant in Cairo 1867 - Napoleon and His General Staff 1867 - Pho Xai
1870 - Moorish Bath 1876 - Home From the Hunt 1876 - Sabre Dance in a Cafe 1881 - Arab Purchasing a Bride
1881 - Bathing Scene 1882 - Oriental Woman 1886 - Selling Slaves in Rome 1889 - Bathsheba
1889 - Love Conquers All 1889 - Snake Charmer 1892 - Prayer in a Mosque 1901 - The Harem Bathing